About the Hispanic Federation

Our Mission

Hispanic Federation (HF) is a nonprofit membership and advocacy organization, founded in 1990, with a mission to empower and advance the Hispanic community and a focus on low-income, marginalized and immigrant Latinos. With offices in New York, Connecticut, Washington, D.C, North Carolina, Florida, Puerto Rico, and additional programs in 41 states, its program focus areas include education, health, immigration, civic engagement, disaster relief, economic empowerment, and the environment. HF also maintains ongoing public education campaigns and meets the organizational development needs of its member agencies through grant-making and capacity-building assistance.

  • Membership services fortify HF's grassroots nonprofits through capacity-building grants that support core operational needs, and graduate-level management classes, leadership development trainings, board recruitment and placement, executive fundraising workshops and other technical assistance seminars.
  • Advocacy services are focused on advancing the interests and aspirations of Latinos and their community-based organizations through coalition-building, policy research, public education, advocacy, voter mobilization and more.
  • Community assistance programs are designed to support and uplift children, youth and families through the provision of direct social services in the areas of education, immigration, health care, economic development and the environment.

Why We Are Different

HF’s effectiveness lies in its depth of relationships with Latino communities and strength of connection with grasstops and grassroots stakeholders. These strong bonds with community leaders, media, corporations, and local & national elected officials allow HF to work deeply in communities and pursue systemic change in its issue areas.

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