Biden’s trip to Puerto Rico rekindles memories of Trump’s

Myah Ward and Christoper Cadelago


Oct 3, 2022

PONCE, Puerto Rico — Hours after having touched down in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, President Joe Biden arrived at a steamy school gymnasium adorned with makeshift tables and red and blue tablecloths upon which supplies of food had been set.

There were 10-pound sacks of yellow onions, garlic, boxed juice, rice, nuts, ground corn, and cases of bottled water — all to distribute to victims of Hurricane Fiona, which had battered the island two weeks ago. Volunteers, including first lady Jill Biden, packed the supplies into large, white plastic bags, tied them up and added them to a growing pile.

When Biden entered the gym, the roughly 50 or so people inside applauded. In a suit jacket, blue oxford shirt with open collar and khakis, the president posed for a group photo, shook hands and chatted briefly with storm survivors

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